Welcome to RUNNERSUNIVERSE.com, the webcomic home of the hit sci-fi adventure series. Here you’ll be able to read the entire comic series, starting from the first book, completely for FREE!

The first story arc (aka volume), RUNNERS: Bad Goods, consists of 5 chapters, with each chapter being 24-28 pages. Pages will begin posting March 2, 2009, and new pages will post 5 days a week, Monday-Friday. In most cases, random notes, trivia, and behind-the-scenes info will be posted below each page, so even if you’ve already read the book, you might get something new out of the webcomic.

The second volume, RUNNERS: The Big Snow Job, will launch around Sept 1, 2009, immediately following the conclusion of the first story. The Big Snow Job consists of 5 chapters and, unlike Bad Goods, will be in full COLOR! Unless you have a black-and-white monitor, in which case you will have to color it yourself on your screen with Sharpies.  The new series has not seen print yet, so it will be debuting right here on RUNNERSUNIVERSE!

The Series Index is divided into story arc volumes. The “Vol 1 Bad Goods” page will take you to cover images for the 5 chapters, and clicking on a cover will take you to the beginning of that particular chapter. The individual chapter subpages will index all the actual pages of the chapter, so you can jump to a specific page.

Unlike other webcomics, there is no “random page/strip” button, because that would make no sense whatsoever with a narrative story like this. Although it might be like time-skipping on LOST, which would be kinda cool. But mostly confusing.

Anyway …  enjoy the series!

Vol 3 Ch 1

Oct 16, 2019Vol 3 Ch 1 Cover

Snow Job Ch 1

Snow Job Ch 2

Snow Job Ch 3

Snow Job Ch 4

Snow Job Ch 5