I wasn’t sure I’d really be able to convey the visual of the Brimia whipping onto Bocce’s street, but I’m really glad I was able to. I think it works because of the key set-up on the previous page in panel 5, since that panel shows the two of them on parallel streets with occasional connecting alleys between them.

That’s one thing that really bugs me in action movies these days: that annoying trend of filming action so tightly and editing it so spastically, that you can’t even tell what’s going on. I’m looking at you, Bourne Supremacy and every Wesley Snipes action movie. It’s a real shame when you can tell something is really well thought out and choreographed only to be mangled into an indecipherable mess. And it’s really not necessary. If an action scene is planned well, it doesn’t need all the quick edits to add to it.

Similarly, with comic storytelling, sometimes you need that long shot to set up the spacial relationship between characters (or ships) and the environment around them. Without taking the proper time to set up the space of the action, I think the action itself is pointless because then it’s just visual noise.