At the end of Vol 2, I added a short epilogue for the graphic novel that didn’t appear online. In it, I had Tylo hint about an upcoming mob war that would utilize the clones in some way. My intention was to jump into Vol 3, with the mob war breaking out at the very beginning. Basically, I wanted the series to start moving along at a faster pace. But ultimately I couldn’t quite make it work as I needed this story to happen first. So I had to pad out Tylo’s plan just a little more. So instead of the clones being ready to go, I threw in a line about Tedekah still running “quality control” on their servitude.

For the record, I am trying to keep the series all ages, so the clones are not intended to be pleasure girls in any way. I always try to refer to them as servants, so basically they are there to cater to the needs of their owners, but not in a sexual way.

Unless they are being asked to serve bars of cocoa. Because then it would be SEXUAL CHOCOLATE!