Getting the coloring on this sequence took a lot of trial and error. I wanted it to have that washed out, muted sepia, glowy look to it like you’d see in a lot of other flashbacks. I have to say I’m really happy with how it turned out.

In the bottom panel, I had to completely re-draw the buildings. In the original pass, they were much more sci-fi, with more plating and grates and panels. But they just looked wrong. It didn’t make sense to me that these farmers out in the middle of some large expanse would be building huts and stables with large chunks of tech. It seemed like they should be more low tech, with the architecture being of the earth. So I redesigned the buildings to be more reminiscent of adobe huts and clay-tile roofs. It’s not terribly sci-fi in design, but more believable to me. I figure the weird crops and alien animals would give it that sci-fi flair anyway.