The staging on this page was a bit worrisome for me. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was clear that in panel 1, they’re targeting the house, and then in panel 3, they’ve turned their attention to the stables. I was worried that panel 3 might just look like another angle of them continuing to shoot up the house. Ultimately, I figured the bottom panel of Bocce would get it across that it is indeed the stables that are being shot up.

This was one of those pages where I still wonder: sound effects or no sound effects? I still kinda feel like I should have them every now and then, but at the same time, I sometimes feel like they’re intrusive. Ugh. Can’t decide. In the end, I decided that since this is a flashback scene anyway, the lack of sound effects could lend it that cool muffled sound of a past memory, so I left them out.