My wife thought this was a bit weak for an issue-ending cliffhanger. I obviously established that Sky could survive the impact of falling from a great height and had enhanced strength now, so she thought the gunshot would clearly not have much effect. It’s a valid point, although I figured an energy blast is different from a fall impact, and it’s a point-blank shot to boot.

To be fair, this was never supposed to be the end-scene of the issue. Like most miniseries of the 1990’s (which is when I wrote the story), it was originally planned to be four issues, not five. But when it came time to do the re-writes, it became obvious to me that there was WAY too much action to be able to fit the entire Oniaka chase scene into one issue. So I decided to split it into two issues. This scene of Sky getting shot fell right around the middle, and of all the possibilities, it seemed like the best scene to end on anyway. So there you go.

I briefly toyed with sticking to four issues and doing an oversized last issue, but as a small press self-publisher, it just made more sense to do two regular-sized books.