As previously mentioned, here’s a case of me using dialogue to tie one scene to the next. In this case, Roka was talking about catching up with old friends, which directly leads to Bennesaud doing the same. In general, I think it works better when the speaker at least completes a full sentence on the leading page, with a final full sentence appearing on the next page. I’m not entirely sure it works as well when it’s a single sentence that spans the two pages with the break in the middle. It’s especially weird with the webcomic posting schedule of different days, but I guess it’ll work better in print form.

I wanted to establish a friend in Dhama Suul’s camp (from Vol 2) so that the henchmen are not all background characters devoid of any individuality. It makes sense that Bennesaud would have some relationships there. I’m not really sure where I’ll go with this, but I thought it might be nice to plant a seed in case I want some sort of additional POV character in the mob world, and I figured I should do it now, close to the events of Vol 2.