I think the most eye-catching and effective comic book covers are usually the simplest, usually with just some simple graphic element to them. This was NOT one of those covers. I think it may be a bit busy, what with all the background buildings, but I like the “what’s gonna happen next?” moment being portrayed. In retrospect, I probably should have done a slight color hold on the buildings (replacing the black lines with a slightly lighter color) to help push them back a bit visually.

For the record, the “OCS” on the police uniforms stands for “Oniaka City Sentry.” There’s always that internal debate about whether that sort of thing should be in real legible letters (representing the universal Base language) or in indecipherable squiggles (representing the native alien language). In this case, I figured the city-station is open to all sorts of visiting races, so the letters would be in Base.