With the transition to this scene, the last line again carries over (in this case, now referring to the escaped farm animals) and the panel composition is also the same. A long time ago, I did a comic for Image called Meltdown, written by David B. Schwartz. That series had a lot of transitions from present day to flashback (with the added wrinkle of art style changes as well!), and I often used similar panel compositions for those transitions. Like the line transitions, I just find them fun to do.

With most of the Bocce flashbacks, it’s Bocce himself leading into it from the previous scene. In this case, the conversation between Cember and Grissom leads into it, which would be a little weird, as the two aren’t really connected. To solve that problem, I added Bocce to the last panel of the previous scene, standing slightly behind Cember and Grissom. This way, he’s within earshot, so their conversation spurs him to have this flashback.