As always, I love finding a line that can bridge the transition from one scene to the next. In this case, the caption at the top is the last bit of Jayd’s dialogue from the previous scene, where she was saying that the Zahari she killed was just a scout. “More will come,” then transitions to Azarek referencing the message he put out to his crew to come get him.

I don’t know if I overdo that sort of thing, but it’s just fun for me to find that connection, and I feel like scene transitions are less jarring that way.

And with this scene, we start to get some backstory on Hiura. I have to say, out of all the characters in the series, her story and character arc is one of my favorites. Obviously, it’ll be something doled out over time and won’t all be dumped here at once, but it’s something I’m really excited to get to.