As with the previous page, I wanted there to be a long pause with Hiura before she ultimately holsters her gun. It could have gone on longer, but page economy is a thing too.

This is a case where it will be fun to play with the panels a bit when I arrange them for Webtoon. For those unfamiliar with that platform, you read comics in a long vertical scroll, one panel at a time. But the scrolling actually adds a bit of “real time” to it that makes for some interesting beats. In this case, I might have the first panel with just Maeki’s first word balloon. Then the panel again, with no text. Then the second panel, with the close-up of Hiura. Then the first panel again, with Maeki’s second balloon. And then the rest of the panels. Scrolling through those panels will literally add the drawn-out time that is much harder to do on a comic page.

Anyway, that’s definitely one thing I really do like about Webtoon.