I’ll slowly be dropping in more info about the RUNNERS universe as the series progresses. The Unified Planets were already mentioned in the first arc. Here we have the first mention of the Tet’Sali League. So there are apparently two power factions (that we know of) that the criminal underworld tends to avoid.

In my original script, I wrote that in the last panel on this page, Dhama Hes “smiles” at Roka as he says his last line. I had planned to draw it as a wicked smile, not necessarily because he’s evil, but because he knew he was sending them to a planet with less-than-ideal weather conditions. Obviously, the script was written before I did the character concept designs, as the Dhama Hes design that I settled on has no mouth to smile with! You can tell by the mouth tentacles though. Those are totally smiley tentacles.