I figured this page might be a good place to point out that with Chapter 3 of this volume, I decided to embrace the use of digital fonts for sound effects. In past volumes, I did them by hand. Early ones looked a bit rough, but I think later ones started to look better. Still, with the hand drawn SFX, I was trying to get them to look as polished as professional comic SFX fonts, so I figured, why not just use those fonts?

Most of the fonts that I use are from Blambot. I downloaded a number of them that are free to use for indie comics. But I also decided to just buy some of the other ones that I thought would work well. It’s all very much a big rabbit hole of new considerations. I know some letterers say to just use a few key fonts for all SFX and avoid going overboard with too many different fonts. There’s also just the sheer number of different looks to SFX that I’m not really used to thinking too much about. But so far, it’s been fun playing around with the SFX in this chapter, although it does take a bit of time experimenting with the many options. But as I go on, I’ll be building up a library of ones that I can re-use to speed up the process in the future.