With the Tedeskians, I again wanted to give them different body types and facial features, like I try to do with a lot of my aliens. In other sci-fi, I find members of the same race tend to not have very differentiated features, but since humans all have variations, I’ve always wanted to apply that kind of individuality to my aliens as well.

I don’t think it registers as much on this page, since the two main aliens here have the same skin tone (even though their facial features differ), but on the previous page in their big intro panel, you can see some of the differences a bit more clearly. I tried to create variety in body size and shape, skin tone, head shape, ear size, nose bump, horn size and shape, eye size, nostril placement, etc.

It made it a lot more work to draw each one, trying to keep their likenesses correct in each panel, but I just find it gives them so much more character when they are distinguishable from each other as real individuals.  Basically, it was a whole lot of concept design work for a bunch of characters I’m just going to kill off in a few pages anyway. Ha ha. JK.

In my previous page commentary, I mentioned that I would post the original RUNNERS short story that featured the Tedeskians. You can find it on my Patreon as a free post HERE.