All the characters got new outfits for this story since I wanted them to cycle through clothing between different arcs (and sometimes within the same arc, as Roka does in Bad Goods). That sort of thing just grounds the world for me since real people would wear different clothes on different days. And as an artist, I figured it’d keep things fresh for me.

The one exception (other than Bennesaud, of course) is Bocce. His outfit is the same, but I attribute that to him wearing traditional garb of his people, so it’s a personal choice based on custom. They will probably be slight variants here and there, but it’ll basically stay the same.

With the other characters, I try to keep the clothing styles consistent between different outfits since I figure they all have their own tastes. Roka leans toward earthy tones and rough fabrics, as well as elongated vertical forms. Cember likes the flashier patterns, with matching hat, naturally! Ril likes nice clothing, although not as flashy as Cember, and he generally goes for tops with some sort of crossing overlap across the chest. Sky will probably keep with very light colors since I love that white-on-blue look.

I scrapped a number of Sky outfit designs for being too “pretty.” Ultimately, it made sense for her to settle on something more akin to a slightly modified worksuit. So it has the feel of something utilitarian while still being nice to look at.