Welcome to RUNNERS: Bad Goods issue #2!

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what the cover image should be for a certain issue. But this was not one of those times. The last issue ended on the characters discovering a young female character lying in the cargo bay of the Tique Amara, so it made sense to make her the cover image. Plus, it’s always helpful to feature an attractive female character on a cover to try to pull in some readers. 🙂

But one thing I discovered when doing covers is that it’s good to create some suspense in the scene. Personally, I think the reader should be asking, “What just happened in this scene?” or “What’s going to happen next?” So with this cover, I hope the unconscious girl lying in a pool of purple goo raises some questions. “Who is she? Is she dead? Is that blood?”

I think a lot of the early Tony Moore WALKING DEAD single issue comic covers do this sort of thing really well. And it’s something I really miss in a lot of comics these days, especially among the big companies, which seem to focus less on story-specific images for their covers and more on generic hero action or group shots that can then be re-used on various mechandise.