So here we have Roka and Bennesaud finally having it out. Ever since the revelation back at Free Kespa about Bennesaud’s past connection to a mob boss, I tried to sprinkle in a few moments of Roka throwing verbal jabs at Bennes and giving him a bit of the cold shoulder. Not sure just how much that came across, but he’s definitely made some snide remarks while looking directly at Bennes.

As for Bennesaud, I really love the design I came up with for the character, but I do find him hard to work with as far as facial expressions go. The biggest issue I have is that the structure of the mouth always makes him look a bit smiley, and in scenes like this one, that kinda diffuses the confrontational intensity that supposed to be coming from him. Overall, I guess it’s not a huge deal, since I think the dialogue actually gets the emotion across. It would just be nice to really nail an angry facial expression to clinch it.