And we’re back… again! For realz this time.

All 24 pages of Chapter 6 are now penciled and inked, and half are completely colored. I am now just doing some color tweaks and lettering on the first batch and getting them scheduled to post over the coming months. And they look pretty amazing, so kudos to Cyril Vincent on the coloring job.

The bulk of this entire chapter was something that was not originally part of the story outline. I’m sure I’ll go into it in depth in future page commentaries, but in a nutshell: while the crew goes down to rescue Sky, I had to leave someone on the Brimia to keep watch. And then it felt weird to NOT have some sort of story take place with that character back on the ship, which is how this whole hostile salvager subplot came about.

It’s now one of my favorite parts of the volume, and I hope you all enjoy it too!