The Preegans were a lot of fun to design. I specifically wanted them to have that Western bandito look, so I gave them those criss-crossing ammo belts across the torso. Of course they’re SCI-FI ammo belts though, which I figure are energy cells for their guns. And if you look closely, you can see the cells plugged into the guns on the side.

Speaking of the guns, I wanted them to be oversized for two reasons: 1) it would look more comical to have these roachlike aliens have big guns, and 2) for the Brimia crew to realistically be held back by seemingly incompetent foes, those foes should at least have more firepower. The guns are also designed for the Preegans’ four arms, as each one has three handles (two back and one on top), leaving one hand free to plug in fresh energy cells when necessary.

I figure each gun also has a round rubber “bumper” on the back so the gun can be held against their bellies for a bit more support and balance for such an oversized weapon.