Ooohh…mystery character!

I designed the native race (one of the cattle rustlers, the border guards, and now this mystery character) to look like goat aliens. It only made sense for a snowy climate to have aliens with fur, horns, and hooves. The only thing that bugs me a little (which I realized only in retrospect) is that the designs are a bit too similar to Grissom from the first story arc. They’re not totally the same, but they do share some similarities. Suffice it to say that the mystery person here is NOT Grissom.

Designing the mystery person’s clothing was a bit of a challenge. I only planned to show part of it here but also wanted it to be distinct enough that you’d recognize it again later. Originally, it was just a regular leather hide poncho, but that didn’t seem distinct enough visually. Once I came up with the stitched patchwork of hides and the fine fur collar, that seemed like a more memorable look.