Oooh…ahhhh. The first full-color RUNNERS page!

I did the first story, Bad Goods, in B&W because as a self-publisher, it was cheaper, but that’s not really the main reason. At the time, I was really enjoying a number of manga titles, like Gunsmith Cats and Battle Angel Alita. And then there was of course Bone. So I thought B&W books could look just as good as color in many instances. Plus, at the time, color would have just been one more thing to think about at the production stage. I found grayscale to be much easier to wrap my head around than color theory.

So when I decided to do the new series in color, I was VERY nervous about it. I had never colored anything comic-wise other than the few RUNNERS covers, so I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. As it turns out, I’m really happy with it so far and I’m getting more comfortable with it every day, so that’s a huge relief.

With this particular page, I wanted to go for something a bit mysterious and unsettling. And I always love the look of characters emerging from some sort of fog or mist. Again, as with the cover, a nice full-body shot of the three aliens was in part done so that I’d have reference to work from early on for the rest of the story. But it was mostly done because I just wanted to showcase them as characters right up front.