Hopefully it’s clear here that Bocce is trapped under the wreckage and that’s why he can’t help. It’s certainly not because he’s a coward. He’s just pinned down a bit and fighting to remain conscious, while his arm is shielding him from any real damage from the fire around him.

You don’t get to see them much, but the KV weapon of choice is a firestaff/rifle. It’s a double-barreled weapon that fires blaster shots from one barrel and streams of fire from the other. In some panels, you can see small cylindrical tanks on the rifles that I imagine are some sort of fuel for the fire-emitting part of the guns. Many of the firestaffs also have bayonets on the ends as well. All in all, a pretty intimidating weapon that you don’t want to be on the business end of, unless you’re the kind of guy that likes being shot, stabbed, and set on fire.