I do love my transition lines, which I often have spanning from the end of one scene to the beginning of the next. But in this case, I left it as a soft transition that I’m not necessarily trying to hit too hard. Basically, the previous page ended with Hiura wanting to sneak by the Tet’Sali armada, saying, “This is NOT something we want to engage in.” That then leads to this scene that focuses on Roka trying to make his own decision on when to get involved with something.

I’d like to say it was intentional, but I happened upon a happy accident here. I always planned for Roka to just be drinking alone in his room and mulling over his options before thinking about his pilot friends and their mantra from Chapter 1. But I didn’t really write for anything in particular to jog his thoughts back to his pilot friends. As it turned out, the shot glass ended up really helping there in that it made sense that the shot would make him think back to the pilots toasting to the mantra. So that worked out quite nicely!