Despite the dilemma that Sky is in, I wanted to have some fun with this scene so I threw in some lightly comedic beats. In the previous page, I liked having Sky freeze, mid-lunge, while Jayd stands calmly and unfazed right in front of her. And on this page I wanted Sky’s running pose to be a bit comedic. For me, it just makes the scene a little more fun.

At the time I was penciling these pages, I was also making revisions to the alien planet in the previous chapter’s pages. With the bottom panel here, I deliberately drew it to be a clear guide for all the final plant designs. I wanted a single image I could use myself as reference and I could also provide to my colorists as a color guide.

I previously showed the panel as a sneak peek in a Patreon post that covered the redesign of the planet flora, which you can see here.