I like panel 1 because you don’t often see people on the hull of their ships, so I think it’s kinda cool in that it gives a sense of scale to the ship that you don’t often get from other shots. In reality, they should actually be a little smaller though.

My intention is not to make Sky a weak female that’s constantly in need of saving. Ugh, I hate that. In this case, it made sense in that (a) she’s not used to being in dangerous situations like this, so it’s conceivable she’d be a bit overwhelmed, and (b) just by luck of the draw, she ends up landing close to the edge of the ship, so when it rocks to the side, she’s going to be the one to go over.

In my head, Bocce is actually a major man of action, despite also being the conscience (and newbie) of the group. I don’t feel like I really conveyed that too much in this first story arc, other than him engaging Grissom in the stand-off back at the Cove. So I like that this scene shows him more the way I envisioned him: he doesn’t have to think about what to do when Sky falls off the ship. He just springs into action and gets the job done.

More of that in the next story arc…