At this point, I guess I’ll mention that I always planned for Bocce to have an “automatic fight mode” as one of his defining traits. In Volume 1, I meant for it to come through in how efficiently he takes out the Jondhi patrol officer who shot Sky in the city-station scene, but I don’t think it ever really read that way.

It was a bit more obvious in his brutal battle with the two Kaagan-Vas mercenaries at the end of Volume 2.

Basically I thought of his fighting traits as something very Jason Bourne-like, but I actually came up with it many, many years before The Bourne Identity ever came out as a movie (I know the books had been around for much longer but I hadn’t been aware of them). Once again, it’s one of those things that I thought was interesting and novel at the time but in the intervening years has become much more commonplace in storytelling. But I do still like his convoluted origin story quite a bit, and I think it’s pretty unique, so I look forward to getting more into it.