I have no idea why the alien wolves like to dig little beds out of the snow and cozy up in them to sleep, but I just thought it would make for a nice visual to show some of their behavior. Crazy alien wolves.

As for the cursing, I have characters say, “damn” every now and then. I always wonder if I should make up some sci-fi word to be the go-to curse word of the RUNNERS universe. Sometimes I find that to be a nice bit of world building, but an equal number of times, I find it extremely distracting. I think every time someone uttered the word, “frak” on Battlestar Galactica, it actually took me OUT of the show instead of immersing me in it. In the few instances where I use “damn,” I just chalk it up to it being a translation. Basically, I imagine every bit of dialog from every character in the series is being spoken in some other alien language that is being translated into English for our benefit. So the cursing is also in alien that’s being translated as well.