I go back and forth on laser colors. I like the idea of the good guys and bad guys having different colored blasts coming from their guns, since it makes it easier to show who’s firing and see the crisscross of action. But it also feels a bit hokey and diagrammatic at the same time. Realistically, I also thought it would be cool to have different guns on the same side shoot different colors. After all, Roka, Cember, Ril, and Bennes all use different types of weapons, so it makes sense that they might not all look the same when fired. But then I thought a bunch of different colors would start to get confusing and also make any given scene look like a big Skittle war. So I fought the urge to “taste the rainbow” and stick to just two colors. Maybe that’ll change at some point though. I do like Skittles.

I can tell right now that Sky is going to be a tricky one to write for in her armored form. The idea is that she’s impervious to a good amount of harm in that form, but that also tends to diminish the threat of physical danger for her. So I felt the need to establish that, as of now, no one really knows the extent of her power or its limitations.