I like having the crew dissent on courses of action. Naturally, as the leader, it’s fun to put Roka in the tough spot of having to really wrestle with these kinds of decisions, but it’s also a fine line to tread. Roka needs to occasionally make decisions that aren’t necessarily “right” to fuel some conflict and drama, but as a trustworthy and respectable character, he can’t make a call that’s blatantly “wrong,” lest it tarnish his position as someone worthy of being a leader in the readers’ eyes.

In this case, it was a little difficult making him come to the conclusion that they should leave Sky. But it is part of the job of a runner to just deliver the goods and not care what they are. And he also knows that they are in real danger for having crossed Dhama Tylo and don’t really have much recourse. So in this case, I can buy that he would make this call, albeit regrettably.