It always bugs me to some degree in action movies when characters take extreme beatings with no apparent lasting effects. Maybe I’m just a wuss, but one punch will probably lay me out for a week (please don’t anybody feel compelled to test this theory out). So with Runners, I wanted to convey that characters can get injured and those injuries can’t just be shrugged off.

In this case, I had Bocce hurt his ankle in the fall. Realistically, from the distance he fell, he probably would have hurt much more, but I figured he might have morphed his arm into a wind-catcher to slow his fall just enough at the last second so as to not sustain any serious impact injury.

FYI, The injury carries over into the next story arc, The Big Snow Job, where Bocce will find himself left out of the action (and going a bit stir crazy from boredom!) due to it.