Poor Roka. Or more appropriately, I guess, poor root beetle.

This entire sequence (starting with this page) went through a pretty major redraw. I redesigned a lot of the room details for this story arc as I was never quite happy with it in the first arc. The overall layout and major bits of architecture are exactly the same, but the floor and walls went through some changes.

In the first arc, there were just too many greeblies and panels breaking up every surface that would have been a nightmare to draw every time. So for the redesign, I simplified everything. After I finished coloring the sequence though, I realized I OVER-simplified everything and the backgrounds were just looking very flat and dull. It just looked like a regular room in a house and didn’t have any real sci-fi/spaceship flair.

So I went back in and redesigned the room details AGAIN to add just enough detail to make the room visually interesting while not being so much detail that it would be a pain to draw. I think once the whole sequence posts, I’ll also upload the original pages for comparison.