Not sure if it’s really clear in the art, but the Hatchet actually changes its markings as it’s lifting off from the landing pad. The idea is that in the Runners universe, there is a technology known as camouflage plating or chameleon cells, that is a similar technology to cloaking but a step down. Instead of rendering the entire vessel completely invisible both visually and by sensors, it’s just a physical top layer on the ship itself that can visually alter a ship’s superficial appearance.

Since pirates often use distinct markings to announce themselves by reputation when attacking ships, it would make sense that they’d try to hide or disguise those markings when they want to blend in. So Hamron has fitted the Hatchet with camouflage plating so that he can fly his colors when he’s in Rogue Space and pass himself off as a legit ship in Unified Space.

Looking at the ship again…man, I’d love to have a toy of the Hatchet. Ooh, and if it had the old-school G.I. Joe Zartan color-change feature to switch between markings…. sweeeeeet!!!