In this short sequence, the script just called for showing Bocce on the ship, bored and clicking through comm channels. When it came time to draw it, I wasn’t sure what to do though. It only really needed one page to get the point across, but a single page interlude felt a bit weird and staccato to me, so I decided to pad it out to two pages. And rather than jump right into the cockpit with Bocce, I decided it would be nice to do a short tour of the ship with a couple setting shots, kinda like the visual tour of the Colonial Marine ship Sulaco in Aliens, right before everyone wakes up.

In panel 2, we have the lift sled that Bocce suggested using. The sleds are standard equipment for moving goods that I figure any smuggler ship (or legit freighter) would have on hand. They also showed up in Bad Goods and even the original short story (from the SPX 2000 Anthology and reprinted in the Bad Goods graphic novel). Realistically, I think Bocce would ditch his coat and snow boot while on the ship, so that’s why they’re draped here.

Finally, a nice shot of the cockpit. I’m really happy with the color palette here since I obviously wanted it to look tech-y and futuristic, but at the same time, I didn’t want it to be uninviting in its tech-iness. That’s one thing about the Millennium Falcon: it’s got a great utilitarian look to it, but it’s SO utilitarian, it doesn’t look like a comfortable place I’d want to be hanging around for extended periods. With the Brimia, I think the blue and yellow bits just make it feel a bit homier, which is important for a ship that they spend so much time on.