So this is a beat that doesn’t quite work in webcomic weekly posting format. The last panel of the previous page was the Zahari claiming that Sky is a “malevolent force too dangerous to live.” Immediately flipping the page to the reaction shots works as a fun little comedic beat, but with the week between pages, it’s a little weird. So I guess you’ll all just have the buy the printed book when it comes out so you can truly experience the story and all its beats properly. Ha.

In the top panels, the background is actually a cut-and-paste from a previous page. I’m planning to do more with that sort of thing in Chapter 6 for reasons I’ll get into later. I’m curious to see if reusing some occasional backgrounds will help cut some corners and speed up the process. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but I think in almost all cases it won’t even be noticeable. And for some particularly complex backgrounds, it might come in handy. We shall see.