Generally speaking, you don’t want panels arranged like I did here with panels 2-4. Reading order can be confusing when you have two vertically stacked panels to the left of a single tall panel on the right. Since you read left to right, you might read the top panel and then move on to the right panel, instead of the top panel, then bottom panel, and THEN right panel. In this case, the actual order of panels doesn’t really matter since it’s just a flurry of fighting, and the word balloon order isn’t impacted. So I was ok doing the layout here, but for something where exact sequence is important, I would avoid it.

Illaryn Jayd is a character I have been looking forward to for a long time. I’d love to say more about her here but I’ll save it for another post when it’s more fitting. All I’ll say is I can’t wait to reveal she’s Bennesaud’s mom. JK.