One thing I don’t think I did terribly well is convey a difference in personality from this point on with Sky. Or if I did, I feel it may be a bit subtle. I don’t know. The intent was that with the physical change, her personality also changes a bit. Instead of the more reserved and slightly timid blue version, the shiny incarnation is actually much more outgoing and confident. I tried to convey it mostly through her interactions with Bocce and impulsive behavior without having anyone specifically call attention to it, but in doing so, I’m not entirely sure how successful I was.

As for the ripped outfit, I wanted both Bocce and Sky to sustain some damage from the fall, since it only makes sense. But I didn’t want to do the cheesy, gratuitous cliche of having Sky’s costume shred down to the equivalent of a tube top and short shorts. While readers may have enjoyed that (and I probably would’ve had fun with that as an artist), I find that to be a bit pandering in most cases. So I deliberately kept the rips modest so that readers wouldn’t get pulled out the story by thinking, “Ha! The artist obviously wanted an excuse to just draw a half-naked chick here!”

Sorry, Sky fans. FYI, in the next arc, she wears even MORE clothes since that story takes place in a snowy environment. Maybe I’ll have to make the third story take place on a tropical beach. Or Mardi Gras. 🙂