The word balloon in panel 3 gave me a lot more pause than I expected. How were these new attackers making their demands? Were they just talking to themselves? Were they broadcasting to Jayd over the comm in the Mosquito? Were they broadcasting in a way that Roka and the crew would be hearing it on the Khoruysa Brimia as well? Would the various ship-to-ship comms be automatically on? If it were over a comm system, I would probably want to use my special balloon shape to convey that, as opposed to a directly spoken balloon.

The comm balloon made the most sense, but it just didn’t register the intent as much as a yelling balloon. Ultimately, I decided to go with what looked best and not really worry about all those other questions. It didn’t really matter who was hearing their exclamation since no one directly responds anyway. And I didn’t think readers would ultimately give any of this a moment’s thought in the process of getting caught up in the action.

Until I bothered bringing it all up here, like a dummy.