This page marks the third colorist who has now worked on this volume. The first two were Cyril Vincent and Wes Hartman, and this page was colored by Robby Bevard. I feel like I’ve been very lucky in finding colorists who do an excellent job with the pages, but it’s also difficult when they have other projects, both paying and personal, that also draw upon their time.

For the record, I’m happy to work with any or all of them going forward, but it’s all rather dependent on their schedules. I am still working with Cyril, and Robby has now stepped in where Wes was previously doing pages, since Wes has a number of his own projects he’s working on. In that vein, be sure to check out his Savage Sasquanaut, which is exactly what you think it might be. It’s a sasquatch in space, and it’s a very fun sci-fi read!