I think at some point, I flirted with the idea of including a shot of Grissom here, to show what was on Roka’s mind. But ultimately I felt I built up to this decision enough during the course of the story that it would be fairly clear without having to beat people over the head with a visual.

I’m pretty happy with how this sequence turned out as I think the timing of beats worked out as I hoped it would, focusing enough panels on both the ship and Roka’s decision without making the timeframe seem drawn out. I’m particularly pleased with the fakeout of panels 3 and 4. Something about the thin horizontal panel followed immediately by the thin vertical, with the Brimia the same size in both, I think really helped convey the action and abrupt change of ship direction. It’s one of those rare instances where I used the panel shape itself to enhance the telling the story and flow of action.