While I hoped some readers would recognize Hiura’s hammerhead ship from Volume 1, I did think I should have some actual dialogue that clearly puts them in that chase sequence. I also wanted to have a brief recap of the events from Volume 1 with Hamron and Oniaka, the Jondhi city station. It had been a while since anyone had mentioned Hamron, so I wanted to include a very brief recap of his role in Bad Goods, along with a status update.

For the ship, I deliberately had the cockpit interior use some of the same bronze-y colors from the exterior, to help readers visually connect the two. I like having motifs, shapes, and colors repeat as a way of tying things together. With a sci-fi series with a lot of world-building, I figure every little bit helps.

With Brinn, the third member of Hiura’s crew, I thought it would be cool to have a glowy alien, which I hadn’t had in the series yet. The idea of bioluminescence is what steered me down the path of an aquatic-looking creature.

Finally, this sequence also shows Hiura in her more usual garb. The sheer dress in Chapter 1 was basically something she uses just to trick Azarek and keep his defenses down long enough to get close to him and throw those shackles on. But this look (which was inspired by various biker outfits) is what she usually leans toward and is more befitting of her actual character.