For the next few pages, which take place on an alien planet, I ended up doing a major round of art revisions after the pages had been completely colored and done. With the original version, Wes did a great job coloring and I did a slight second pass to tweak some of the plant colors, but I still didn’t quite like it. The problem was that in wanting to show lush alien plant life, I had penciled and inked a bit TOO much variety (different plants, different colors, etc), and consequently, the planet did not look very distinctive. I decided that for a sci-fi planet, it’s better to just select a few signature forms and stick with those to give the planet a much more uniform and memorable aesthetic. So I went back and redid a fair amount of the backgrounds.

I will do a comparison post later that shows the original art versus the new. While I did like some of different plants in the original version, I think the new version, with a greater emphasis on the tube-like, sea-anemone-ish plants works much better.