I tinkered with this page quite a bit after I got it back from Wes, the colorist. As always, he did an amazing  job. I just wanted to play with the lighting a bit more to get across the point of the scene, which probably wasn’t too obvious as just a page of art sent to Wes. Basically, Ril is poking around the ship, so I added the blue tint to make it seem like a part of the ship not currently being used by the others, so not fully lit. I think that helps with the “skulking” aspect.

Then with Grissom, the idea is that she is keeping Ril from going any further, standing in the doorway to block him. I wanted her to look casual while also deliberately blocking the door with both arms. I also added the shadow across half her face to get across an element of possible untrustworthiness.

And I have to say I really like how panel 4 turned out, with Grissom’s body framing Ril trying to peek around her. It’s a bit of a nod to the famous framing shot of Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, but with significantly less seduction. Ha.