If you know the story already, you know Sky’s transformation is imminent. If you didn’t know…oops, sorry for the spoiler! Anyway, this was probably the only page where I had to go back to do a “pick-up shot” after it was already done (in film terms, a “pick-up shot” is a minor shot done after principal photography has wrapped to make up for something that was missed the first time around or something determined to be needed to enhance the storytelling in the editing stage).

In this case, the panel 3 close-up of Sky originally wasn’t there. Instead, panel 2 (Bocce and Sky dangling) was a much wider panel that took up that space. But I knew Sky was going to go through her transformation on the next page and her change in look was going to be a big deal. But after completing all the art and reading it all together, I realized that Sky had not appeared in close-up in many, many pages. With all the action going on, she was only in a handful of panels, and always fairly small in panel, so I was concerned that her normal look would not be emblazoned in people’s minds prior to the change.

So I went back and added the close-up panel of Sky to this page, and I now think the sequence works much better since you now have clear shots of the two different looks practically right next to each other, and that drives the transformation home a bit more.