Here we finally get some better shots of Dhama Suul. I didn’t have him designed when I did the artwork for the first four issues and only got around to designing him before starting the art for issue #5. Of course, I had already made Dhama Hes refer to him as a “sawtooth” way back in The Big Snow Job #1, Page 20, so I was kinda bound to work around that!

Most of the design work went into the head, which I wanted to look cool, menacing, and, well, “sawtooth”-y. I didn’t bother much with the body design since I figured it’d be mostly covered up anyway. So I’m not quite sure what his actual anatomy consists of as far as the body goes. For all we know, maybe’s he’s made up of two smaller aliens beneath that robe, one standing on the other’s shoulders. That would be awesome.