At last, the long-awaited second RUNNERS arc! Yay!

As I mentioned before, I love story titles with double meanings or wordplay, dating as far back as my work on The Tick. With “The Big Snow Job,” I wanted something that referred to both the snowy setting of the story and the double-cross aspect that tends to happen a lot in underworld business.

The cover itself was a bit of a time-saving two-fer for me. I had to come up with new outfits for all the main characters for this story arc, namely winter gear they’d be wearing for most of the story.  I decided to make the cover a full-body group shot, 1) because I thought a group shot spotlighting the alien cast would make for a good first issue cover, and 2) because I would then have a nice reference image I could use myself in drawing the outfits!

Unlike characters like Batman and Spiderman, where you can pretty much remember everything about the costume after a few times drawing it, with RUNNERS, the characters change outfits often and I try to make them all have different detailing. So it’s hard for me to keep track of everything without some costume reference images to work from.

Hmm…maybe I should consider simpler sci-fi outfits like in Logan’s Run or THX-1138. White jumpsuits for everybody!