When writing, I really like having one thing serve multiple purposes in a story. In this case, I wanted the rogues and Azarek to be a fun side adventure. But I also wanted to use it to start shedding more light on the Tal’Dhamas as well as Tet’Sali space. The trick is always finding a way to have info come out for readers in a natural and conversational way that does not seem too exposition-y.

Small detail: for most of the time on a ship, I don’t draw characters with their weapons. I think they’d want to be more comfortable, so I don’t have them with their various gun or weapon holsters on. And it’s also less for me to draw! But in going to the hold, I thought all three of these characters would have strapped on weapons as a precaution.

For the record, it is a bit difficult coming up with different angles in a scene where one character is enclosed in a small three-walled space. That was definitely an art challenge that I was not expecting!