As I mention in the sketchbook section of the graphic novel collection, my early passes at the Oniaka city-station looked much more like traditional space stations and didn’t register as anything terribly unique. Once I settled on the station being planted on a huge chunk of planetoid, not only did I get a look that I was happy with, but I also stumbled into an interesting backstory for the Jondhi race itself. So the Jondhi history wasn’t part of the original script but found its way in only after I had concepted the look of the station.

For story reasons, I needed the station’s entry and exit hatches to be visually different from each other, so readers could tell them apart later. So the entry hatches are built into the rocky part, running along the “equator” of the station. The exit hatches are stacked vertically in the short support “arms” that span from rock to dome.