If the number 25 doesn’t  sound familiar, it may be because in a previous page, I had Jayd use the number 41. Ack.

Many years ago, I figured out the Lehnian numbering system based on the mark I had already given Sky in Volume 1. Based on the system of symbols I came up with, Sky’s mark then became 25. But when writing the script for this volume, I was too damn lazy to just check that number, so I put in a placeholder number (41), figuring I’d go back and replace that with the actual correct (25). And then I forgot to do that.

So when I posted a previous page (Ch 4, page 2), I had mistakenly lettered it with the wrong number. Anyway, I finally caught my mistake with this page and have also gone back and replaced the earlier page with a corrected version.

If no one remembers the mention of 41 before, just ignore this entire commentary, so I can maintain the illusion of always being on top of things!