It’s always satisfying when a conversation or argument feels organic but hits a lot of different but necessary beats. In this case, I wanted this scene to 1) cover the different positions of Roka and Ril vs the rest of the crew, 2) reiterate the conflict of just delivering the goods vs considering the morality of it, 3) continue to address the mystery of Sky’s origin & abilities, 4) echo the earlier scene with Ril about the burden of being a decision-maker, and 5) end with Roka voicing quite clearly how he truly feels about his life.

I really like how this scene puts Roka in a new light that I find very different from other sci-fi captains. I feel like Han Solo and Mal Reynolds (Firefly) had a lot of swagger about how being a captain let them live lives on their own terms. Their ships were their sources of freedom, and they consequently had a lot of affection for those ships. With Roka, the Brimia has become a cage. While it does give him an ability to chart his own course, it’s not a course he wants for himself, and I like that it makes him a different captain than what I’m used to seeing.