So now we also get more info on Baso and his connection to Goshen and Keyla.

Speaking of Keyla, I wanted to make a female member of the Ulon Dosi without having to resort to the typical female alien attributes of eyelashes, breasts, and lipstick. So I left out the lipstick. Ha ha. Actually, I have found that the eyelashes and chest really do help to some extent in conveying a female character, so kept those with Keyla, but I tried to keep them both to a very bare minimum. Most of the feminization came from giving her a leaner physique, no horns, and a hairstyle reminiscent of a real-world woman’s ponytail. I also gave her a slightly more feminine color scheme with the yellow outfit, which is a slight departure from the mostly brown leathers and red accents of the male Ulon Dosi.